General Services

General services include risk assessment, crisis prevention training, security site surveys, crime analyses and risk reviews, discreet background investigations for Mexico, and crisis response.


The Risk Assessment identifies both potential internal and external risks and/or threats to businesses and individuals, as well as, insight into how to avoid or limit incidents. This is an extremely valuable service to mitigate potential problems.

In order to determine the likelihood of risks or threats to assets, operations, and personnel, particular attention is given to the specific needs of each business or individual. Additionally, specific threats such as kidnaps for ransom, extortions, street crime, political unrest, cybercrime, and transportation hazards are scrutinized.


After a risk assessment, preventive training is the logical next step. This training greatly reduces the chance of a crisis event, such as a kidnap for ransom of an employee or family member. Knowledge of the risks and knowing how to reduce them can potentially save a company and/or family from the devastating consequences of such an event.


Looking at each site closely, in order to form the best answers to prevent a loss, and includes an in depth report along with customized recommendations.


As companies look to foreign countries for skilled labor and manufacturing facilities to expand production and enhance their supply chain, thorough analysis and examination of the criminal activity that is present will help make security decisions more effective. In addition, these reports help business travelers avoid becoming crime victims by giving them the pertinent information needed to aid in their safety, heighten their awareness, and reinforce good security practices.

A crime analysis is an in depth report based on the most current data available for the country, region, and urban area of interest that particularly relates to a business’s specific needs. It includes historical information, demographics, analysis of crime statistics, charts, maps, and more, concluding with comprehensive security recommendations.

The Crime Risk Review is an abbreviated form of the Crime Analysis giving an overview of the top security concerns in the area/region of interest.


Specifically geared for Mexico, the background investigation includes the following inquiries:

  • Business reputation, which includes history of lawsuits
  • Social history and current reputation
  • Investigation of identification
  • Verification of employment
  • Verification of income
  • Verification of residences
  • Verification of liens or embargoes


When crises occur, having a fast response from the right professional is crucial. A professional negotiator on site can help regain control and resolve the crisis. TAC Group Solutions’ consultants are among the top leaders of the crisis response industry. They bring with them experience, language capability, and area knowledge, essential to help gain control and reach a resolution. Services for crisis response are:

  • Kidnap for Ransom Crisis Management and Negotiations
  • Extortion Resolution
  • Wrongful Detention Response
  • Piracy Crisis Management

Contact us regarding any of the above services. TAC Group Solutions is dedicated to meeting your
individual and corporate security needs.